One Exquisite Night in Paris: U.S. Author Invites Romantics on a Unique ‘Daycation’ – to the City of Love

Written by Andre Phillip-Hautecoeur and uniting fact with fantasy, ‘One Exquisite Night in Paris’ depicts a perfect celebration that any couple should have on their wish list. Phillip-Hautecoeur’s stunningly romantic account of the single day spent in Paris with his beloved is certain to inspire others into creating “the most amazing day of their lives…”

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Brooklyn, NY Thomas Jefferson famously said: “A walk about Paris will provide lessons in history, beauty, and in the point of Life.” While millions may only dream of visiting the city and taking that walk, author Andre Phillip-Hautecoeur has bold advice – spend just one day (and night) in Paris, and you’ll remember it as the most amazing twenty-four hours of your life.

In his captivating new book, ‘One Exquisite Night in Paris’, Phillip-Hautecoeur spins a fairytale for the reader, spotlighting the history, glamour and 3-Star dining that can be found only in the City of Lights. While the narrative might seem like the ultimate in Parisian fantasy, the author insists it is not only a dream.

“I had always romanticized Paris, and it turned out that it was even lovelier than I expected. In New York, I met and instantly fell in love with a Parisian woman named Eff. She introduced me to the Paris that few visitors ever witness – allowing me to discover the charming culture, the fantasy and of course, the romance. When planning an anniversary surprise for Eff, I wanted to combine every element of the city into an exquisite day,” says Phillip-Hautecoeur.

Continuing, “This would involve going from New York to Paris and back the next day, creating memories that would intoxicate the senses, and most of all – last forever.”

Now, the author is sharing the story of that unforgettable day with readers around the world, unveiling the secrets of the Paris he knows so well, in all her splendor and intrigue.

“I want to show couples that they can have a life-changing date. Nights out don’t have to be simply ‘dinner and dancing’.  Every couple should have that one exquisite day – and I believe that can only be found in Paris.”

Phillip-Hautecoeur also shares the story of his heart, as the narrative explores his fascinating relationship with Eff, detailing how she changed his life in so many ways. The couple’s chance meeting and gripping courtship plays out among all that makes Paris the definitive city for lovers.

“Our story is inspirational, and Eff truly did alter the way I see the world. I want every person to have that experience, and that love. Take the chance – dream again, fly to Paris, and spend the day reveling in the city’s beauty. You will never regret it,” Phillip-Hautecoeur concludes.

One Exquisite Night in Paris’ is due for release soon and will be available from CreateSpace and Amazon in both electronic and paperback formats.

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About the author, in his own words:

I'm not a writer really; I felt a need to write a bit about Paris.
It's the city exactly at the intersection of romance, history, fantasy and enchantment; everyone faces Paris in some form of a dream.

I've come to know and love Paris hanging on the hem of my wife's skirt. She's Parisian, she's everything French without constraint; she makes understanding all of Parisness a pleasure. Made me want to write something.

Andre Phillip

917 846 5342

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