Friday, December 13, 2013

5 Most Extravagantly Romantic Things to do in Paris!

Life is love and fairies wings and somehow a bit short. We all dream to one day say, “I had the most amazing night of my entire life,” about one totally consuming, outrageously enchanting, completely romantic day where we’re transported on a cloud tomorrow going home. Simply to find that there’s only one place where we can live such a night; Paris. Only in Paris.

The most amazing, extravagantly romantic, single night of your life would call for elements you couldn’t find anywhere else, in a place like no other place in the world. And Paris is the place of dreams.

5. Luxury Suite with Breakfast

So Paris is the city where five star hotels were created. A royal suite may incline towards tens of thousands of dollars per night. Your stay for one exquisite night need not be so extravagant. A deluxe room will do; it’s just the two of you. You’ll be privy to all the luxurious services, linens and culinary treats for a fraction of the cost. In Paris there are only six or seven authentic 5-Star hotels, making it quite easy to choose.

Room-service men wearing little round hats, Egyptian cotton thousand-thread-count sheets, the scent of warm croissants which fill the morning air. A perfect way to start the day.

4. Hot Air Balloon Ride

Balloon rides by themselves are considered quite romantic but somehow a bit anticlimactic. Unless; unless it’s a private basket just for two during “One Exquisite Night in Paris” after which you dash ahead to the next enchanting station.

Just outside of Paris, the company AERFUN Montgolfieres will arrange a private ride for two (weather permitting), morning or evening. It doesn’t get more extravagant or romantic than floating in the skies of Paris just before breakfast or dinner.
3. 3-Star Dinner

Paris is the world where high cuisine was created way back in the 16oo’s. Needless to say, we all must eat and we have our favorite things which we describe as “yummy.” Haute cuisine transcends that sentiment aspiring to and attaining the sublime. A restaurant and its chef do not earn three Michelin stars because they’re good. The must attain the extraordinary! Unlike any meal you ever had.


An extraordinary 3-Star dinner in Paris will fill a dream, cost a “butlers” ransom, and leave you with a memory which will last forever.
2. Paris Lights Tour

Ensconced in the back seat of a Bentley, Rolls Royce or Maybach with a tour guide narrator and a crisp bottle of Crystal champagne at hand, cruising the avenues and alleys of Paris as incandescent lights twinkle and tremble, is the only way to finesse and digest a luxury dinner; like the furry puss that ate the cream. Paris city lighting is premised on sustaining fairytales and dreams; they do it purposely. And as if incandescence isn’t sublimely satisfying; every hour on the hour, for five minutes each time, the skies of Paris erupt with a pyrotechnic display as the Eiffel Tower splays diamonds of light throughout the entire city. The entire experience is dizzyingly enchanting.



1. Do them all in one Night!

Doing them all together within a twenty-four hour period would make for the absolutely perfect night of your life; the absolute fairytale of a night which you would never, ever forget. In fact most nights thereafter you will live like a cat on the mat purring about that one enchanting night you lived. A dream that never fades.
A dream of "One Exquisite Night in Paris"!

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