Friday, November 22, 2013


The clip is a bit long; about nine minutes, however a delightfully informative narration regarding the champagne making process. Didn't want to make it seem that the only champagne on earth is Cristal. This product too turns out to be quite (actually, exceptionally) good. We weren't aware of it until after the rappers had their little tiff with Cristal.
It kept showing up so regularly that we felt we should at least have a taste. As you can see from the presentation, it's a refined product from a highly respectable family. Having said that, I must quickly add that (personally) I can't get to the packaging. There is something vulgar, indelicate and unsettling about the whole gold pewter wrapping with the big spade thing; it lacks modesty; too loud for me.
I'm superficial.
Based on the narration the family was navigated toward this branding by their marketing agency. That's rather unfortunate.
Otherwise, it's a beautiful story about an excellent wine!

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