Friday, November 15, 2013

Cristal Champagne Explained!

 Quite Often Enough in our little tome, we whisper about imbibing champagne, giving the impression that we lounge around all day in burgundy smoking jackets, paisley ascots, and coral peignoirs, brandishing foot-long ivory cigarette extenders while luxuriantly sipping. Not so, not so. Nothing can be further from the truth.
Vintage champagne is a subtly delicate beverage mostly reserved for special celebration. The loftier the occasion, the finer the prescription. It doesn't get much finer than Cristal, and One Exquisite Night in Paris is perhaps one of the best reasons to indulge.
Cristal is fairly pricy stuff which some folks indelicately gulp for just that reason alone. However there are many less costly alternatives which we can all afford to enjoy on a whim; unless of course champagne is not your flavor.
I discovered Michael here (Mike Supple); regular-Joe looking man with a passion, who actually made a pilgrimage to the source in order to afford the rest of us some enlightenment regarding what we're drinking and why. Proof that you don't need a smoking jacket to be passionate, engaged and knowledgeable.
He's a suave looking man who looks like he should speak French, but he doesn't; which makes for a bit of a mental déplacement; but never mind.
Thank you Mike!

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